Annual AAVC Rider Awards and Election Results

At our annual AAVC party on Monday nearly 30 people enjoyed food and drinks thanks to our host Jolly Pumpkin. In addition to a brief "State of the Club" and 2014 updates, we handed out Rider of the Year awards. Riders were selected for their performances in 2013 as well as their contributions to the club. Individuals receiving awards included:

Juniors: Colin Boulard
Cat. 5: Matt Johnson
Cat. 4: Danny Soltan
Cat. 1/2/3: Colin Hebert
Masters: Lucas Wall
DIRTHAMMER (Cyclocross): Tom Barrett

With some great performances and contributions from many members this year there were also a lot of honorable mentions, including: Chris Winkler, Craig North, William Haig, Rob Shoemaker, Jason Miller, Tyler Carlton, and Kevin Juntunen. A big round of applause was also offered to the club officers/board who have made some great efforts in directing the club and its activities this past year: David Palan, Ray Barbehenn, Joe Miessner, Dan Hoffman, and Sean Geary.

Results of the annual election were also announced, with each of the club officers being re-elected, and both of the ballot questions passing, allowing for the club to complete its transition to a non-profit organization in 2014.

Details on Proposed Conversion of AAVC to AAVC, Inc.

As has been talked about during recent club meetings, the AAVC officers have talked for a few years about making AAVC a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation. In 2013 they got the ball rolling! So members and non-members alike have the details, below are some links explaining the process.

The change is intended to better serve the members, provide better liability protections, and provide a tax advantage, but otherwise look and operate like AAVC does now. The executive summary gives a good overview of why officers are interested in making this change for the club, what will change, what won't, and other basics. In short, the current club is a non-incorporated association of its members, and the proposed change would have this association simply merge into Ann Arbor Velo Club, Inc., the non-profit corporation.

For more details about the process you can read the complete Plan of Merger, the Articles of Incorporation of Ann Arbor Velo Club, Inc., as well as the entire By-Laws of Ann Arbor Velo Club, Inc.

The proposed conversion will go to a vote of the membership shortly. For current members, we hope you'll support this effort.

Worst Day of the Year Ride

Worst Day of the Year Ride
The annual Worst Day of the Year Ride (WDOTYR) is coming up next Sunday, January 26! Bundle up ... or not—who knows what the weather will be like. But the Worst Day of the Year Ride has lived up to its name the last few years.

This year special guests Gary Fisher and Frankie Andreu will be a part of the ride! 

Check out details at the event website, including the schedule, distances and location, and to register (free) so the organizers can plan according the number of people coming.

2014 Clothing Orders due Jan. 26

Make sure to pay for your team clothing order in by Sunday, Jan. 26! Production and delivery will take 6-10 weeks after that, but you have to pay by then. If you have questions or missed the initial pre-order to select items, please contact Joe Miessner.

There is a plan to order some items again later in the year. The items offered in this order may not be available in the next order (e.g. skin suits) so order what you need now! Also, this order will arrive late into the road season, so don't wait to order because items in the next order (whatever items are available) will not arrive until late summer.

Trainer Rides Start Today!

Wheels in Motion has generously provided space in their shop for trainer rides. Here's the skinny...

Mondays 8:30p-10:30p
Wednesdays 8:30p-10:30
Fridays 5:00p-7:00p
These will continue every week until further notice—usually about the time it's nice enough to ride outside. Check the calendar for a full listing.

Wheels In Motion Bike Shop
3400 Washtenaw Ave
Ann Arbor, MI 48103

What to Bring:
Your bike
Your trainer and/or rollers
A towel or yoga mat to soak your sweat up off the floor
A cadence and/or heart rate sensor if you've got one

A big thank you to DeWight and Travis Plotner at Wheels In Motion for making this happen!

Get or Renew your AAVC Membership

The 2014 AAVC membership form is now available. Grab a copy and submit it to join the club or renew your membership. Have questions about club benefits, contact one of the club officers for more details.

Don't forget to check the club calendar for events and rides. The schedule varies a little based on weather during the winter, but generally there's a Sunday gravel road ride all winter. And look for trainer rides to hit the calendar soon.

2014 Clothing Order—Starting Now!

If you're interested in ordering AAVC team clothing for the 2014 season, the ordering has started. You'll need to first place your pre-order, essentially your reservation of what you will buy. This pre-order will be open for the next 7 days only, so if you haven't seen one of the club emails with details about how to access the clothing order, please contact Joe Miessner.

State CX Championship: Great End to Season

Last Sunday at Addison Oaks County Park in Leonard, Michigan, the state cyclocross championship race brought an end to Michigan racing for 2013. AAVC had a great turn out of riders and spectators, and some great finishes, too! Congratulations to the following riders on their podium finishes, and to many other AAVC racers who managed not to frostbite anything in their final races of the year!

Cat. 3 Men 35-44
1. Barrett, Tom

Cat. 3 Men 19-34
2. Soltan, Daniel

Cat. 4 Men 19-44
4. North, Craig