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For self-employed, it is not always easy to get a installment loan. Civil servants or civil servants have little difficulty in obtaining an installment loan. However, a loan for the self-employed and freelancers is different. The cheapest loan for self-employed, freelancers and companies in daily comparison. In the case of microcredit or microcredit, the repayment and interest are paid in monthly installments, as in the case of an installment loan.

How self-employed get a installment loan

How self-employed get a installment loan

It is not always easy for self-employed to have an installment loan. Public servants or civil servants have little trouble getting a installment loan. Completely different freelancers: Here order situation and yields can fluctuate strongly. As lenders expect higher risk potential for the self-employed, lending is tied to stricter standards. With some banks and financial intermediaries, it has therefore massively to do, even to obtain an installment loan.

We refuse loans to freelancers. But even the regional PSD and Decas banks have difficulties with loans to self-employed. The Consumer Information of Sporge bank states: Only loans that are neither commercial nor professional are granted.

This means that even freelancers can not hold current accounts or company accounts with you. Large private banks and a large number of Internet institutions are lending to the self-employed: The Budgebank not only offers installment loans, but also takes great risks, such as house financing. Even if the freelancer only works for a short time in the company.

The prerequisite for this is a detailed consultation and a detailed credit rating, explains the head of mortgage lending at Dulce Bank, Ed. Freelancers can also find what they are looking for on the Internet: for private use, Eicredit and Menabank also offer their installment loans to the self-employed. However, this applies only to freelancers such as lawyers, lawyers, journalists or physicians; Business people receive nothing.

Apply for an installment loan

Apply for an installment loan

Self-employed people can also apply for an installment loan from Intrasavings bank and Storksbank. You must have been self-employed at Intrasavings for two years. The installment loan offer of the company includes the possibility for employees, freelancers and self-employed to use the card.

Although Dulce Bank does not grant installment loans to the self-employed, it makes it an exception for certain professions: lawyers, physicians, tax experts or lawyers also get consumer credit if they have good credit ratings. Freelancers can also get low-cost installment loans from the company Cash and Carry (from 3.95% effective interest rate) and the company SmartSmava immediate loan (6.9% effective interest rate). For self-employed persons, the conditions for granting loans are different from those for employees.

As a rule, credit institutions require that they are self-employed for a period of two to three years, that the applicant can submit a positive income statement or a balance sheet, and that there is no negative credit bureau registration. For a installment loan must be the seat in the Federal Republic.

Installment loan comparison: Here you will get an insight into the current rate of national and regional providers.

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